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Save time with online bookkeeping

Looking after the accounts no longer means being the keeper of actual paper-based books and journals where everything is entered in ink, by hand. Our online bookkeeping solution has revolutionised the job, so that not only can you put the pen and paper away, you can forget all the time and stress too!

One of the main arguments for switching to an entirely internet-based system is flexibility. You are able to check, update and amend details and entries from anywhere, anytime – you just need access to the internet. So now you don’t have to be sitting in the office surrounded by box files and ledgers, leafing through pages and pages to find that entry you made months ago – it’s all there on the screen in front of you.

If you scan in your purchase invoices then you also have immediate access to them when you click on the transaction saving time and money searching for the invoice and meaning that you can destroy the original and just retain the digital copy which is compliant with HMRC requirements.

Of course, online bookkeeping works in exactly the same way as your old book based system does. It will handle purchases, sales, receipts, invoices and payments just as you always have done and once set up, you simply enter transactions and all the number crunching is done by the software to help you produce reports and period summaries.

The flexibility of cloud based software means that you can deal with the areas of bookkeeping that you are comfortable with, such as raising sales invoices, and we can deal with the other elements which you are not so confident in dealing with, all from the same data set so no more restoring back-ups we all use the live data in real time.

Safe and secure
If you’re worried that keeping all your financial and business details on the internet is risky, don’t be. The levels of security are the same as internet banking services and your account is held on our secure servers that only you have access to. Of course, all information is encrypted and password protected too.

Remember, it isn’t desktop accounting software, so there’s nothing for you to install. When you login, you will immediately be taken to your personalised homepage screen and away you go. It’s fast, intuitive and gives excellent, professional standard results, even if you are not a bookkeeper by trade.

Sign up to the Heycroft cloud based bookkeeping software for just £10 + vat per month.
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